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Finnish Business Council Beijing (FBCB) promotes collaboration and co-operation among Finnish companies regarding trade and industry issues within the People’s Republic of China. Joining FBCB is a great way for Finnish enterprises to get to know other Finnish businesses active in capital city Beijing and China in general. Read more.

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Greetings from the Ambassador and the Chairman of the FBCB Board

Marja Rislakki

Respected FBCB members,

Finns have been in China for decades. We have seen Chinese cities from Beijing to Guangzhou develop, expand and reach the skies. We have seen bikes being replaced by cars and pencils with smartphones. During these years Finnish companies have been cooperating, partnering up and learning non-stop. This has not always been voluntary but a must as the Chinese market – clients from steel mills to consumers – has been changing at an unprecedented pace. Key to success has been the ability to see and to understand these changes and to reinvent and to adjust the businesses accordingly. Today China is and remains a key market place for Finnish companies. It is our biggest partner in Asia and that won’t change any time soon.

My first months in China have clarified the necessity of intense and tightly knit Team Finland work. The competition in Chinese market is hard. Bringing our experience, understanding and networks together makes us bigger in size. It makes us more alert and more visible. When combined with hard work, it provides us with tools to succeed also in the future. Finnish SISU – willingness to work for return, take risks and compete – is now needed more than ever.

In March China is embarking on a new five year era of industrial upgrading and strengthening the welfare of its peoples. Another structural change is in the books. Doubling the GDP and becoming  ” a moderately prosperous society ” are not goals the leadership wishes to miss at the turn of the decade.

For Team Finland – companies, researchers, students, public sector – this means more opportunities suitable for our high standards of innovation, services, environmental protection and industrial production. Cleantech, healthcare, education, digitalization, robotics – you name it.

Together we can grasp the opportunities of endlessly moving China. We have all the elements needed so let’s stop being too modest. Let’s be louder, let’s make our mark together – under the blue and white banner.

Marja RislakkiAmbassador of Finland in China
Erika Grönroos

Dear FBCB members,

China has become one of the fastest growing economies in the world and Beijing is in the heart of it. Beijing today is not only the capital of the country with political power and decision makers but a thriving metropolis. Tomorrow’s Beijing is going to be developed to a megacity with a huge population base, tens of thousands of technology companies and top universities. This means endless opportunities for Finnish companies in the Beijing area. To succeed companies need to understand the market, the ecosystem and decision making as well as have strong will.

In order to find the winning concepts and partnerships we need to cooperate and work hard towards the common goal. Team Finland is bringing all the governmental and public actors together to help Finnish companies and companies interested in opportunities with Finnish companies to start and develop their business. FBCB’s role is to bring the voice of these companies to Team Finland in Beijing and to offer our members a channel to easily approach Team Finland players. Finnish Business Council Beijing also offers its members a platform to network and exchange information in various events and forums. Let’s together make Finnish business community thrive in Beijing!

Erika GrönroosChairman of the Board

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