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Welcome to join FBCB

FBCB invites companies and individuals interested in co-operation and collaboration, and who have
an interest or affiliation with Finland, to join. Members receive all FBCB news and invitations
via email and are eligible to take part in events, either for free or at a special member price.

Membership fees for May 1st 2020 – April 30th 2021:

Membership benefits for all companies:

- Participate to FBCB member events (member prices when applicable)
- Participate to Joint Nordic Chambers events with member prices
- Participate to FBCB Forums, member-driven small group activities
- Be added to FBCB members email lists receiving communications, invitations and other information meant for corporate members
- Get logo visibility on FBCB website and in other communication when applicable
- Participate as a voting member to FBCB Annual General Meeting In addition, other benefits such as speaker slots in FBCB events, extra visibility via special events sponsorships etc. will be discussed and agreed on as opportunities arise.

Membership fees:

Large companies 6000 RMB
Small and Medium size enterprises 3000 RMB
Individual members 800 RMB

Companies without legal status in China pay 2/3 of the relevant membership fee.

Joint membership with FBCS for large companies 10,600rmb – split FBCB 5000 and FBCS 5600

The definition of a large company is to be either annual turnover of 100 million Euro or more globally, or have over 1000 employees globally. If a company does not have presence within Beijing, it will be counted as an

Antitrust Guidance Statement Appendix can be downloaded here

Contact FBCB assistants via email at or

Company, SME, Registered in China

This membership includes Unlimited member slot(s)

Company is SME when turnover is less than 100M€ globally or company has less than 1000 employees globally

CNY 3000 / 12 months
Company, SME, Not-registered in China

This membership includes Unlimited member slot(s)

This membership type is for SME companies, which are registered in Finland, but not registered in China yet.

CNY 2000 / 12 months
Company, large

This membership includes Unlimited member slot(s)

Company is large when turnover is more than 100M€ globally or company has more than 1000 employees globally

CNY 6000 / 12 months

This membership is for individuals only

Individual membership is personal, not related to members company

CNY 800 / 12 months

This membership includes Unlimited member slot(s)

If your company is not eligible for actual membership as no ties with Finland, your company can become a sponsor for FBCB.

CNY 15000 / 12 months