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On this page, we've assembled extremely useful links to sites, articles, and reports relevant to business opportunities for Finnish companies in China.


FBCB, FBCS, FBCGD and HKFinnCham Business Confidence Survey 2020

FBCB, FBCS, FBCFG and HKFinnCham Finnish Business Confidence Survey 2020 Nordic Match


Team Finland resources


Business Finland - A Global Growth Accelerator

  • Business Finland's strategy objectives by 2025
  • Impact statistics on Sino-Finnish trade by Business Finland
  • Business Finland programs in China 2020
  • The FinChi center


The Latest on Future Watch and Foresight Publications

  • Sari Arho Havrén of Business Finland
  • Introductions on six phenomena studied and published on the Market Opportunities platform, created in the Future Watch workshop:
  1. China's generation Z
  2. Lack of cultivable land in Asia
  3. Cooling China with air conditioners, threats and possibilities
  4. Aging China and health care
  5. Corporate social credit system
  6. Fintech


The Political situation in China

  • A short overview of Chinese state structure
  • Current geopolitical events and their influence on international business (updated as of October 2019)
  • US-China trade situation
  • Recommendations for risk management and takeaways for companies



External resources


European Chamber publications

2020 Business Confidence Survey

The magazine for European Union businesses operating in China


Cover of European Chamber's Position Paper 2019-2020

EU Chamber Business Confidence Survey 2021 ENG

EU Chamber Business Confidence Survey 2021 CHN

European Business in China Position Paper 2019-2020

  • The European Chamber's annual release
  • Outlines EU-China trade strategies

European Business in China Position Paper 2020-2021

The Economist presentation for Team Finland - Where's the growth?

  • Chinese provinces and their relative economic size
  • Origins, statistics, and development of the China-US trade war
  • The reliance of Chinese provinces on US trade
  • The economy's structural weaknesses
  • Demographics: opportunity and risk
  • "Regional rebalancing"
  • Emerging cities
  • Hong Kong-China and competing visions


Recent Trends in Foreign Investment Law and JV Partners Issues

  • Vivian Zhang of Fangda partners' presentation, 22 Nov 2019
  • Establishing and operating a JV in China
  • Investment agreement with the management committee of the economic development zone


China Economic Outlook 2020:

DAN WANG_China economic toolkit 2020_Jan 15 Eurocham.pdf

JOHN RUSSELL_EU SME Preview 2020_011420_Final.pdf


Coronavirus Outbreak related articles:

20200220_On the Government Policies taken for SMEs in the New Coronavirus Crisis.pdf


Coronavirus Outbreak - How to Address Key HR & Commercial Issues (DSA Webinar).pdf

COVID-19_The Impact on European Business in China[64621].pdf

IPR Protection during COVID-19


Team Finland - Business Impact of the coronavirus Feb 25 webinar: Business impact of the coronavirus - Team Finland fin.pdf

Team Finland - Business Impact of the coronavirus - Part 2 April 3 webinar: FINAL_Business impact of the coronavirus - Team Finland - Part II 3[72214]_0.pdf


Fast Forward China. 5 Key Trends[76701].pdf

CIFTIS 2020 Nordic pavilion materials
and Print

Qingdao Forum September 2020


Health Tech IPR 1 EU SME Helpdesk 11/2020

Profit Repatriation Strategies

Helsinki Design Week 2021

Recent Trends in Superpower Relations 3/2021

Part One: EU_China

Part Two: US_China

Nordic Edge 2021

CIB Report 2021

Carbon neutrality 2021

Carbon neutrality CN

Company news:

Lappset Group

Helsinki Design Week