Company Assistance in Finnish - BFSU

Company Assistance in Finnish - BFSU

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Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) has a Finnish language and Culture faculty. For the past sixteen years it has been possible to study the Finnish language as a major, and students have found employment opportunities in different fields related to Finland.

Finnish Business Council Beijing and the BFSU Finnish faculty cooperate in providing possibilities for students to utilize their knowledge during their studies by helping Finnish companies in Beijing. Students can work as tourist guides, interpreters, translators, or help with different arrangements, where knowledge of the Chinese language and culture is essential. Naturally, long-term contracts are possible as well.

The aim is to provide students practice in the Finnish language, gain Finnish contacts, and accumulate some work experience, while simultaneously help Finnish companies in Beijing (new arrivals or established companies) in their various needs.

First year students have very basic knowledge about the Finnish language, but they are normally fluent in English and have a good understanding about Finnish culture. Fourth year students are graduating students, and their Finnish language is already at a good level.

In minor tasks (First year students) the company pays the student’s expenses, but when offering real work (translations, interpretations), salary should be provided.

You can reach out to students by contacting faculty staff. Email addresses are provided below; please address your messages to all contacts simultaneously. Let us know for which company, what kind of task, for how long, where, and when you’re seeking assistance. Faculty staff will find the right student and provide the company with contact information.


Associate professor Li Ying: liying(at)

Lecturer Yang Xinyi: yangxinyi(at)

Visiting lecturer Taija Hamalainen: taija.hamalainen(at)